How to File for Unemployment in Oregon

Oregon State

In recent times a lot of people are faced with joblessness due to stressed economy. If you are one of those in Oregon facing unemployment right now, keep reading this article and learn how to claim for unemployment benefits.

Oregon workers who have been out of work or had their work hours cut may be qualified to collect unemployment benefits. There are certain steps necessary to file for unemployment benefits in Oregon. Carrying out these steps both accurately and timely should let unemployment benefits to be paid without wait.

In a typical unemployment condition, a person claims benefits for a number of weeks until returning to work. With a lay off, a person claims one week, goes back to work for a while, then claims again during the next furlough week. With this condition it may be easy to overlook certain steps which could delay payment of benefits.

Steps to Claim Unemployment Benefits

If you find yourself in the situation of being furloughed without pay from your employer, and you’re thinking of filing for unemployment benefits, here are some hints to make filing your claim go smoothly.

The application for unemployment benefits must be filed as the unemployment period starts. Delaying may outcome in losing some of the eligible benefits.

We provide an online calculator for computing what the weekly benefit for each applicant will be. In order to use this calculator, wage information is needed for each quarter of work. Other online tools are made obtainable for applicants. You may decide to file by phone but may find the state resources on the website useful in understanding how to file and what to wait for after the application and approved.

Step 1: Determine If You Qualify for Oregon Unemployment

Not all people who lose their jobs will be able to obtain unemployment benefits. There are certain requirements and restrictions established by the state, and if you do not qualify, you will not obtain any compensation. In order to be suitable to collect unemployment in the state of Oregon, you must:

  • Be unemployed through no fault of your own
  • Meet base period wages eligibility requirements
  • Be actively seeking new employment
  • Be physically and mentally able to work

Eligibility for unemployment benefits in Oregon is determined after you have filed a claim. If you are uncertain if you qualify, file the claim as soon as possible to determine eligibility.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Documents

Even if you meet all of the requirements needed to qualify for unemployment benefits, you must be able to provide precise information so as to begin receiving your benefits. This information considers past employment and salary data, as well as personal info.

Before you can file unemployment claim in Oregon you need:

  1. Your Social Security number
  2. Your work history for the past 18 months, including: Dates of employmentYour employers’ business names & addresses and Employers’ phone numbers
  3. Your salary/total income from each employer
  4. Your Alien Registration Number (if applicable)
  5. Your phone number

Unemployment fraud is illegal. Keep in mind to be honest since they will do research and make contact with your former employer.

Step 3: Apply for Benefits

This guide is going to give information needed to tell how to claim Oregon unemployment benefits.

  • The first week you are furloughed, file a claim for unemployment benefits. You may do so one of two ways; either online or by calling your local unemployment insurance center. Numbers are as below.

Metro / NW Oregon
Portland (503) 292-2057
Salem (503) 947-1500

Eastern / Central Oregon
Bend (541) 388-6207

Call the number below if you’re outside the state.
(877) 345-3484

  • Claim the week. Claiming the week is different than filing your claim. Filing your claim sets up the start of your claim, claiming the week triggers payment for the week. You claim the week either online or telephone. The first you can claim for the week is on Sunday, and you are claiming the previous week.
  • The first week you claim will be your Waiting Week if you meet all eligibility requirements and if you claim it. You are not paid for the Waiting Week, but you must still claim it. Everyone must serve one Waiting Week.
  • The next time you are dismissed, either go online or call your unemployment insurance center to resume your claim. It is important that you select the option to “restart your claim”, not “file a claim.” Restarting your claim picks up where you left off, while filing a claim is beginning a brand new claim for benefits.
  • Just as you claimed the week after you initially filed your claim, you will need to claim the laid-off week after you restart your claim. You are not required to claim weeks if you work and earn more than your weekly unemployment benefit amount.

For Subsequent Weekly Claims

Bend, Madras, Prineville, Redmond:


Dallas, Salem local area:

Newberg, Portland, Woodburn:

All other locations:
(800) 982-8920

TTY Relay Service – 711

Eastern / Central Oregon
Bend (541) 388-6207

The Employment Department will mail you a Claimant Handbook together with the other materials when you launch a claim for unemployment insurance benefits. Make sure to read everything sent to you by the Employment Department carefully.

You can check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions. By reading all of this information, you are less likely to have an issue with your claim.