Benefits Extension

*** Emergency unemployment compensation(E.U.C) remains expired as of Dec 28, 2013 and is not available in any state***

Unemployment compensation was planned to provide monetary help when workers lose job. The benefits are short term and end when the unemployed recipient finds a new job. If you are having problem finding employment and your assistance is ending, you may be able to get an extension for your benefits. The sum will usually be equal to what you qualified for under regular employment, but the collection period is extended.Oregon State

An unemployment insurance benefits claim comes to an end after 12 months. To find out when your Unemployment benefits claim runs out, review your wage and potential benefits report. The department sends the report after processing your application. It draws your base year – the 12 month period on which your claim is based, recognizes the Oregon employers you worked for in this time and the wages you earned, the number of hours you worked and the benefits you can collect on your claim, based on this work only.

You may be eligible to obtain an additional 20 weeks of benefits. Additional extensions may also be available. Tier 2 offers up to 14 weeks of added benefits. Tier 3 gives 13 weeks of additional benefits. Tier 4 offers up to 6 weeks of additional benefits. Each of these extensions will kick in automatically if you meet the criteria, or you will be contacted by the unemployment office for more information before your extensions starts to happen.

Are you concerned in learning how to file to Oregon extended unemployment benefits? In case you are a laid off worker in the state of Oregon, you will be able to discover how you can claim additional compensation in this article.

Unemployment Benefit Extensions

There are two programs for extending unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.

  1. Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) – Unavailable at this time
  2. Extended Benefits (EB)

Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Details

Qualifications for EUC:

Unemployment Benefits have Expired

  • Your base year wages must equal or exceed 40 times your weekly benefit amount. (If your claim pays 26 weeks of benefits, you have met this qualification.)
  • Your most recent claim must have tired regular benefits or be expired.

The EUC program is broken down into 4 tiers. The minimum number of weeks available in each tier is stated above.


Extended Benefits Details(Please check on availability)

Unemployment Extension DeniedThe Extended Benefits program terminated with payment for the week ending April 7, 2012. Payments will not be made for weeks beginning April 8, 2012 and later, even though you have a remaining balance on your Extended Benefits claim.

EB is an unemployment extension paid for by both state and federal funds. Oregon set off into an EB period effective December 7, 2008. EB provides up to 20 weeks or 80% of your regular claim’s maximum benefit amount, whichever is less.

EB is disallowed by any EUC benefit eligibility. In other words, EB cannot be paid until you tire all regular and EUC benefits. EB is a claim of last way out.

EB Qualifications:

  • Your base year wages must equal or go over 40 times your weekly benefit amount.
  • Your most recent claim must have exhausted regular benefits, or be ended.
  • Your claim must have an expiration date of May 5, 2007 or later.
  • You can’t be qualified for EUC, unemployment benefits on a new claim, or in another state or Canada.

Applying for EB:

Metro / NW Oregon
Portland (503) 292-2057
Salem (503) 947-1500

Eastern / Central Oregon
Bend (541) 388-6207

If you live outside of Oregon, and
don’t commute to Oregon to work,
call the UI Center at:
(877) 345-3484
Weekly Claim Line Numbers

Bend, Madras, Prineville, Redmond:

Dallas, Salem local area:

Newberg, Portland, Woodburn:

All other locations:
(800) 982-8920

TTY Relay Service – 711

When you call, be all set to give the following information:

Your current address and phone number,

Your work history since you last claimed benefits, (be prepared to provide employer names, addresses and dates of employment.)

Have you worked out of state in the last 18 months? (be prepared to provide employer names, addresses and dates of employment.)

You will also be asked if you have:

  • filed for unemployment benefits against another state since you last claimed Oregon benefits
  • changed bank accounts which could affect your direct deposit, Or, did you keep your ReliaCard?
  • a definite date to return to work. If yes, be prepared to provide the employer name and phone number.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on Oregon Unemployment Extension

What happens when I run out of regular benefits?

If you are qualified for an extension, the unemployment insurance centre will send you a letter recommending you how to file for the extension. If your claim expires while you are receiving regular benefits, you may be eligible for a new claim. If not, then you may qualify for one of the extensions listed above.

If you exhaust benefits for all the extensions available to you, then your only option is to qualify for a new claim.

How will I know if I qualify for further benefits?

When you exhaust your benefits or another extension occurs which you may qualify for, the department will inform you by mail. Please keep the department up to date of your current address. You can update your address in their online claim system.

Can I apply for an extension before my benefits exhaust?

No. If you have regular benefits left over, you should use those first, or have an expired claim, before an extension can be filed.

Can I call now to find out if I may be eligible for an extension in the future?

No. The extensions obtainable start and end at various times. This is decided either through the legislation that created the extension, or by a reduction in the unemployment rate. We cannot conclude your future eligibility until you either exhaust your current eligibility or your claim expires.

I was on an extension and was told I qualify for a new claim. The weekly benefit amount is lower than my extension. Can I stay on the Extension?

Possibly. New language added to the EUC legislation passed in July, 2010, permits individuals under certain circumstances to continue receiving EUC, rather than benefits under a new claim. This piece of the legislation only affects claims that expire with the week ending July 24, 2010 or later. UI Center staff will review your eligibility at the time you are required to file a new claim.

Is there a possibility of more extensions?

Congress or the Oregon legislature can pass legislation to create further extensions. If another extension occurs after you exhaust your benefits, we will notify you by mail if you qualify. Please keep us informed of your current address. You can update your address in our online claim system.